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Page of Temporary Searchables

This page of temporary searchables helps to connect pages up in advance of the new issues of the site. We sometimes publishOld Caravan a new page mid-issue and would like it to be found when you look for it, so when it's been FTPd up to the online site, we also add a new href on this page of Temporary Searchables so that our friendly searchable finding assistants can locate it and can add its location to the databases of stuff which are accessed when people are trying to find stuff! There are a great many other pages on this site to choose from on this page: Site Index

Here are a few pages I would like to be included:

Stamp Demon

Lucky black cat with a magnet in it

No Win No FeeAlliance and Leicester Money Back Bank

Stamp Demon - easy Mobile

Incidentally, some of the pages are at new sites I'm trying to give a good start to. The page of temporary searchables is supposed to help them to be found.

Home Shoppingfirst plus

Encyclopedia Britannica

First Plus Financial Group

Close-up of a Birds Nest


Stamp Demon's Astro Bingo page

a gothic dating agency

Be Cheeky by Stamp DemonSkotti

Vinyl toys

Alliance and Leicester Money Back Bank

Spiders in the Bath

Cheer Me Up


Coral the Bookmakers


Antzweb - was www.antzweb.co.ukArgos.co.uk


get rich quick

Lonely Planet

Antique CaravanBeryllium


Mablethorpe Accountants

Odd Pages

Zoo is being Refurbished

It has been noticed that there is a lot of nonsense going on in which some of the notable search engines appear to have become so desperate to try to get rid of cheats that they are accidentally censoring out pages at honest sites. Surely it's possible to come up with an algorithm that works and is reasonably fair, isn't it?!

left bitright bitIncidentally this new version of the famous page of temporary searchables now also links to The BBC and NASA

Zyra - Shades of Grey (Part 1)