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Skotti's World and Herbalhealth2u, reviewed by Skotti:

SkottiA little about the company behind herbalhealth2u

Zaffran who promote the site have the European and Australasian distribution rights to the range. They sell the products online through their website and through wholesale customers across Europe. Zaffran deliver direct from the Channel Islands and Arizona to the rest of the world.

Roy, nicknamed Skotti 32, is the Managing Director of Zaffran. Born in Ossett in the old industrial West Riding of Yorkshire in 1967 Skotti's first ambition as a child was to open a “tea shop”. He has a tape of him and his brother Peter playing as infants talking about having a tea shop. They talked about all the people in the town visiting the tea shop.

After leaving school at the age of 18 Skotti moved to Hexham in the Tyne Valley in Northumberland where he became the agent for one of the political parties. Ironically he felt was pushed out his job for reasons relating to his sexuality which he feels ran completely against the grain of liberal thinking.Newmillerdam - Yorkshire After a few more years involved in politics he felt at a young age that devoting his energies to changing the world, often working with people who were unsupportive and for no financial return was not helping his own development.. He moved to London.

Up to this point all his work had been in the ares of politics – working for the Time to Go campaign to get troops out of Northern Ireland, for Ecover products promoting biodegradable washing powders across the South of England and as National Vice Chair of a leading political movement.

He wasn't sure in his early 20s what he wanted to do after dropping the world of politics for paid employment in other roles. The time had come to focus on making money.

When he met Olly they had the idea to open a café. It was called Citron and the rest is history. He had a taste of running his own business and didn't look back.They served gourmet coffee and sandwiches to journalists from The Guardian, ITN and The European as well as other “trendy media” types in the area. Citron was the first continental style café in east central London before the days of Pret a Manger and others.Old Newmillerdam

Later he opened a club in London called medikation which was the UK's first ever Monday morning chillout. However when they split the business suffered and he had to return to paid employment.

For a few years he worked for a leading UK lifestyle magazine based in Hampstead, North London.. He did however have an escape route. He had been thinking how to set up another business. The problem was what to sell. The idea of selling products online came to him from talking to many online merchants selling products online. He asked questions and made good contacts with many people working in the industry. By finding out how these merchants marketed their products online he was in a better position to think about how to break free again, but this time alone and without a business partner.

He walked out of MPG taking his bags with him which shocked the management. He vowed never to take orders from a manager again and set up his own company. He initially called this Juniper Communications but shortly afterwards it was renamed Saffron and then later as it became limited it was renamed Zaffran.Herbal Health 2u

Healthyherb was the name of the first online store. It was launched in May 2003 and given that Skotti had walked out of his job had to work. But it worked – and sales came through almost instantaneously. It was a great relief.

As the site developed further a relaunch was planned and herbalhealth2u was born. The site took on some extra products including Protox – a Botox Alternative product and Advanced Arthritis – a product designed to alleviate the problem of arthritis.Skotti

Given the success of the site a new site was launched selling hot tubs www.capital-spas.co.uk Skotti thought that given the success already achieved selling herbal products it would be interesting to see what results could be achieved by replicating the methodology used in setting up the herbal business to a site selling higher value items.

So today Zaffran is essentially an e-commerce business which specialises in the twin areas of hot tubs and herbal products. Often people say whats the connection? And pull a funny face. But to Skotti its actually very clear cut. The connection is that both are concerned with health and well being, something very dear to his heart. To create a business which isn't just about making money and actually does something for the benefit of society comes back to where he started from. Actually having a passion for improving the world. And maybe for Skotti business is a better forum than politics for achieving those results. He still takes a huge interest in politics and what is actually going on in the world. But in business he feels he can make things happen both for his own personal benefit and for that of society.

To find out more, see Herbal Health 2u and the Capital Spa company.

Good Luck to Skotti running his own business! If you'd like to set up and run your own business, here's some advice on running your own company