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Odd Pages

Pages that are "ODD" at this site

Well you might say that most of the pages at Zyra's website are ODD. However, here are some of the odd relinks which occur because of the way the site is made...

Air France - this page has been online so long that the original had 8.3 filename format and was therefore airfranc.htm

shoppin - created as some people were mistyping "Shopping" to get to the portal.

Phone Mast - the original page about phone masts (dangers of radiation) had an unusual name.Banner Promotion!

Message-in-a-bottle - usually only found if you happen to find the bottle floating about

Churchill - We will NEVER surrender! However, the cute Bulldog is seen advertising insurance

Internet Intro - the helpful page www.zyra.net/internet-intro.htm but without the hyphen so it's easier for people to tell each other and recommend.

not_found.html - This is my custom 404 error page at Vivostar