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North American BancardNorth American BancardNorth American Bancard
So YOUR business can accept credit cards

North American Bancard was a credit card processing company who could set your business up with a credit card processing facility. Your company could have been accepting credit cards sooner than you thought! Here were some helpful quotes from North American Bancard themselves...

"North American Bancard is a private processing company dedicated to serving the credit processing needs of retailers ranging from the small corner store to the major retailers and everything in-between. Retailers that need the same equipment and services as "the big guys" but at prices they can afford. And with a customer service and follow-up that matches their own commitment. North American Bancard provides credit card processing services for some of the USA's most successful companies, offering a full range of electronic processing services that can be supported by a complete line of Electronic Commerce, Check Verification & POS equipment, hardware and software."

"Our Philosophy... We are committed to evaluating each business situation and to custom design a credit card processing approach that meets your specific requirements in the most cost effective manner possible. By recommending and installing tomorrow's technology today, North American Bancard ensures that your existing investment will continue to serve you well into the future. Because, at North American Bancard your success and satisfaction are key to our own."

"As the leader in electronic payment solutions, we know that the customer demands every payment option. That's good news for your business - credit card transactions will increase your sales by a bold 30%-50%! Factor in an increase in customer loyalty and impulse buying, and the decision to accept credit cards is clear. But which credit card processing company should you choose? How about the one with the lowest rates. Guaranteed. 99% of all businesses approved in 24 hours! Online Merchants. Retailers Telephone/Mail Order Businesses. Wholesalers. Home Based Businesses. And More... We will give your business $500 if you find a lower credit card processing rate anywhere!* Fill out the information and one of our representatives will contact you about our wide array of merchant services for your business."

News! North American Bancard are still in business and even though the affiliate program seems to have disappeared from Commission Junction, we are happy to promote them along with other Credit Card Processing Companies. Fair competition is good for business and we hope to be advertising North American Bancard again at some time. You are also welcome to type in the URL which is http://www.northamericanbancard.com , and here's hoping that an affiliate program can be arranged.

Aha! Yes! They do have a new affiliate program! It's just a matter of applying to join.

Update to Extra note: Now that we know North American Bancard are back, we'll be looking into the possibility of a new arrangement which everyone will be happy with. This page was created to advertise the place and may do so again at some time. In the meantime, other credit card places are available.

If you are North American Bancard, be in touch! This site is good for business!