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Credit Card Accepting Companies

So your company can accept credit cards, here are some companies who can arrange for this.

Card Service International *
Who we have an affiliate program with, and you can sign up here right now. One of the largest and most recognized credit card processing companies in the US.

Barclaycard Trading Remotely *
UK Bank Barclays, with remote trading enabled. Secure payment processing for all phone, post and Internet orders by credit card.

North American Bancard *
Who we used to have an affiliate program with before at
CJ and hope to have an affiliate program again at some time, either with an affiliate marketing company or otherwise. Let's be in touch!

Before cards can be authorised, companies use information provided in credit searches. This type of credit monitoring is carried out by companies such as Experian. If you want a better understanding of this procedure visit our Credit Expert page.

Also see Online Shopping Cart Software which also tends to have contacts in the credit card acceptance business.