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Skin Nutrition


There is a lot of information available from the Ashley website, which you can get to from the next-but-one link. There is valuable information about skin care as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. There are health & wellness club memberships, savings on products, information about the manufacturing and laboratory conditions (no testing on animals), and a lot of positive narrative with such expressions as "Our best asset is YOU" and "We work to give our customers the best skin care products in the world."

LINK WAS HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE! (enable cookies first (if you can), so I get paid!) _ashley1.htm. This page was bunged up before there was a Bunged Up page.

Affiliate program which was with Commission Junction has gone. So, you can either type in the web address which is www.ashleyskinnutrition.com or have a look at other beauty resources. Also see Laura Ashley which is not the same company but has a similarity in the name.