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The term "Hotwire" - several definitions and contacts as follows:

* To HOTWIRE a vehicle means to start it up without having the keys. The procedure generally requires getting at the wires behind the dash and making some adjustments. If you lose your keys, this is a short-cut solution until you can get it sorted out. When designing a vehicle it's best to arrange it so it's not too easy to hotwire it, to prevent unauthorised access. I've rewired my vehicle electrics so it's non-standard and has special features. This cuts down the potential risk.

* HOTWIRE TRAVEL. Nothing against the Hotwire Company. I'm sure they're a very good travel company. We used to advertise them here. The affiliate program was with Linkshare, and there was a while when we ceased advertising them. However, now we are on good terms with LinkShare again, who knows, the LinkShare links may return! Customers, in the meantime, please see other TRAVEL contacts. You're also welcome to type in the web address of Hotwire Travel which is http://www.hotwire.com rather than going through the link. Maybe some day there will be a new arrangement, so here's hoping. Good Luck to Hotwire Travel!

* a HOT-Wire is a system by which pieces of polystyrene or polyurethane can be cut. When using such a system, care should be taken to avoid breathing in the gas being given off, as well as the usual hazards associated with heat. I have personal experience of this as I once cut a foam mattress to the correct size to fit in a vehicle I was turning into a mobile living space. Other people have been known to do this kind of thing too, for example Hot Wire Foam Factory

* Hotwire - a public relations company whose address is http://www.hotwirepr.com/

* Hotwire - coffee company - see http://hotwirecoffee.com/

* Hotwire Japan - see www.hotwire.co.jp

* Hotwire - Japanese band - see http://www.hotwirejapan.com/

* Hotwire - Hotwire Enterprises - alternative technology - http://www.svhotwire.com/