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This is a page about FREE-ONLINE.co.uk . If there's any mistakes on this page, please let me know by e-mail and I will see about putting it right.

Free-Online is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) where you can have a free webspace and free e-mail, and you just pay for the local-rate dial-up.

What's really good about this is that it's a proper webspace for you to put your webstuff on and there are no silly pop-ups or banners, well not unless you want to put some there yourself!

There is free technical support by webmail, and they're helpful and friendly.

I think Free-Online make their money by offering upgrades to such things as unmetered access and having half a gigabyte of webspace, though you do get 25Mb (50Mb for business) of FREE webspace, which is quite a lot if you're sensible with the storage.

The only criticisms I have of Free-Online are that they are rather Microsoftish and also there is a quirk that a customer only qualifies for referral bonuses if they pay for a subscription package. Which means I am not making any money by giving them a free plug here..

Link to www.free-online.co.uk for a free webspace!
It may seem odd, but the main page of is coming up as "not found", even though folks' pages including
www.zyra1.free-online.co.uk are still ok! It may be the demand exceeds supply of server hosting resource, so I suggest you have a look by typing in the URL, preferably at some unearthly time of the night so it's less busy.

But then again, I'm not grumbling - They gave me a free webspace!

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