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Applica Broadband

Here's some news from Applica Broadband in 2003: "Don't get left behind, join the broadband revolution today. Sign up with applica broadband providers of ADSL broadband at some of the most competitive prices you will find in the UK today. Having the opportunity to provide broadband is an exciting prospect. Currently 20,000 people are signing up to broadband each week, and with 33 million users online in the UK, and only 1 million currently broadband enabled, the potential market place is still very large. You know only too well of the time and frustration involved while waiting to connect to or download from the internet. Fortunately you no longer have to put up with these frustrations thanks to applica broadband offering a fast and reliable connection to the internet with its connect range of ADSL broadband products. Using the latest in ADSL technology the connect range uses a standard BT phone line and significantly cuts connection costs. It gives you permanent access to the internet and allows you to use the phone lines at the same time you are online. Up to 40 times faster than your standard dial-up connection, applica broadband's connect range is secure, cost effective and very easy to set up. There are four products in the connect range. The difference between each one is the speed of the connection and how many people are recommended to use it at anyone time:

We offer an easy online payment mechanism for users to choose and then pay for their required connection. Once purchased the connection takes 5-7 days to be activated and at which point the user is then broadband enabled".

The link to the place is temporarily down but will hopefully be replaced by a new affiliate link. In the meantime, there are other offers available here: BROADBAND

www.applicabroadband.co.uk affiliate program was with Affiliate Window but it's had to be bunged up while we find out where the new affiliate program is with.