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reviewed without prejudice at Zyra's independent affiliate website

2003: V21 is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who are well worth knowing about. V Two One offers Unmetered Internet Access. V21 also provide Broadband. Even the "Lite" package allows you to surf the Internet free of charge for a set monthly fee of only £9.99 for up to 42 hours per week (that's about six hours per day!)

In the words of those friendly people at V21 in 2003, "Our unmetered Internet package allows you to surf the Internet free of charge for a set monthly fee of only £9.99, which gives you a true unmetered package including a choice of unlimited PoP3 or web based Email we also provide unlimited Web space. You also get a massive 4-hour cut off time with no Line Restrictions, fixed contracts or commitments"

Remember, most of the rest of this page is historical rather than current. See note at end!

V21So, you pay £10 a month near-enough, and you can be online for hours and hours without having to keep looking at the clock and worrying about how much it's costing, because it's free once you've paid your monthly sub of £10. This is very good, don't you think?

Another good thing about V21 is that they're an ISP that supports Linux, and have twigged onto the wisdom of this much quicker than a lot of other people. I don't just mean having Linux at the servers, which is the usual, I mean they'll support you if your computer at home is running Linux.Linux They also support the Apple Mac, BeOS, other diverse systems, and also other Microsoft Windows systems.

There's free technical support by e-mail, and also an expensive technical support hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which helps pay for the service, which is fair enough.

If you have a V21 account you can also have a free webspace, which is all part of the service with V21. This is an excellent offer especially when you consider that the V21 web surfing is only £10/month and the free webspace is thrown in for good measure!

Other info about V21 is that as well as getting a dial-up, and if you're a £10/month customer a webspace too, you also get SquirrelMail,V21 which is a WebMail account on a system created by those helpful people who create Linux. The advantage of having a SquirrelMail account is that you can log on via any Internet machine anywhere in the world and look at your e-mail, send your e-mail, go through all your spam etc, without having to worry about installing some kind of software pack which would take a lot of explaining in a cyber cafe in a remote part of the world. So, the gist of it is, you can go on holiday and still be able to do your e-mail, without having to phone home.

Incidentally, I never had a website hosting at V21, for a very good reason: The rule was, if you ever cease paying for internet access, your webspace is deleted. Sounds bad, and that's now been revealed to be a problem at some other hostings too, in particular AOL Hometown and Geocities. Also see How to Avoid Losing Your Data on a Webspace

So, that's about it then, V21 / V Two One offers 24 hour Internet Access. Their package allows you to surf the Internet free of charge for a set monthly fee of only £9.99. I think that's quite good.

If you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:


There were two affiliate programs of V21 (www.v21.co.uk) , one of which was at TradeDoubler and the other was off their own bat. Potential affiliates please note that the "exclusivity" condition only applied in-page, and not throughout the site.

NOW HANG ON A MINUTE! I am suspending this affiliate link as of 2007/02/01 as I would like to be paid, and I would like V21 to contact me to sort this out! V21 have been bought out by BISCIT, who seem to be difficult to contact by telephone, and who have not responded to perfectly reasonable emails I have sent to them. The last time I was paid by V21 was in 2003, and since then the affiliate account has accumulated commission of two and a half thousand pounds (GBP). This and other evidence has been recorded. Please note that I am not suggesting BISCIT are total ratbags. It is my opinion that BISCIT will pay up at some time, and the phenomenon of non-payment of the affiliate is purely some kind of misunderstanding. I believe that BISCIT have bought out V21 and taken on their assets and liabilities, and will settle the account in all honesty. I look forward to an amicable solution. In the meantime, the continued absence of action will not default in me being a complete muggins by promoting an affiliate link that is failing to respond. Therefore, customers, I invite you to look at OTHER Internet Service Providers. If you already have a V21 account, you are free to move to another ISP and instruct your bank to cease paying any further payments or donations (to avoid any mistakes!). If you'd like a fast unmetered Internet connection, please see the general purpose BROADBAND section of this site. Also, if you'd like a website hosting, there's a good deal being offered by Vivostar. That's who I'm with for hosting my website, and I have thousands of pages and a bandwidth which would be beyond the limits of many VISPs. January 2007's bandwidth was twenty gigabytes per month, which is two hundred times the "massive 100 megabytes per month" advertised a long time ago by V21. Yes, it's true, the affiliate business makes money, and I do very well promoting a great many well known companies and shopping places. I believe it's only fair that I get paid the commission on sales already generated. As far as I know, these other companies are paying up, and I believe V21/BISCIT will also pay in all honesty, especially when they realise how much good business they are missing out on by this page no longer linking up. There are over a thousand merchants being promoted by this site, and at least forty on independent affiliate programs. For the full Z..A index see full list of pages.

Hey V21 / BISCIT! The opportunity remains for you to email and get this page amended and reconnected. Otherwise, as the months and years go by, that's a lot of business to miss out on.

Customers, please don't write in to complain, as this page is NOT V21 and is NOT BISCIT. It is part of an independent affiliate website. I also suggest you avoid 0870 expensive phone numbers as these are a bit like premium rate numbers where your continued waiting is an ongoing donation, and I consider there are more deserving charities

Summary: BISCIT turned out to be decidedly crumby, and not recoverable, unlike the matter of stale biscuits and how to restore them

Old link code was: https://secure.v21.co.uk/user_signup/index.asp?a_code=2125 which at the time of writing led to a page to acquire your personal details to sign up, but with a freefone number which did not connect anymore.