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Cyber Cafes

Net Surfing and Cold Tea

If you could go back in time to 1985 and visit Felix Computers you'd probably say it was a CYBER CAFE! Free Association was ahead of its time!

"CyberTime Communications is a one-stop shop for all your telecommunications needs. We offer a complimentary range of services that include High Speed Internet Cafe, Gaming, Cellular and Pager Services, Prepaid Phone Cards (Wireless and Long Distance), Computer Sales, Repairs and Services, Games, Photocopying, Fax and Consultation". - was www.cybertime.ca

Uplink Cyber Cafe - was www.uplinkcybercafe.co.uk


Get Wired - was www.get-wired.net

Cyberia Internet Chicago - was http://www.cyberiachicago.com but now seems sadly to have been taken over by Cyber Squatters!

Gricksmegabytes (was www.gricksmegabytes.co.uk)

Internet Exchange - was www.internet-exchange.co.uk

The Gateway.co.nz

Haven Online (was www.havenonline.org.uk)

urban connexions (was www.urbanconnexions.co.uk)

Cyberia (Gone! Was http://www.cyberiacafe.net)

SnackNsurf (Gone! Was http://www.snacknsurf.com)

Add your Cyber Cafe to this list. Any/all cybercafes can be on, but preference is made to those that make their customers aware of the existence of this website here at www.zyra.org.uk! Evidence to that effect may improve the positions on the list! e-mail