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Gusto Camp

Gusto Camp

The taste of luxury camping

If you are going to go camping, you can't beat doing it in style. We don't mean spending hours, packing the car, etc. Just book a break with Gusto Camp and rent yourself a fully equipped tent in Italy or Austria.

Gusto Camp:

"Gustocamp is an organisation specialising in the rental of fully equipped house tents and mobile homes, on top quality campsites in Italy and Austria.

With more than ten years experience, Gustocamp takes pride in understanding the organisation and holiday requirements of the guests. Ensuring a holiday with Gustocamp, will be truly memorable.

Each campsite chosen, has been carefully selected for its top facilities and amenities. The spacious house tents (5x5m), are modern with a complete inventory, and the luxury mobile homes are designed with every comfort, including air conditioning and a wooden outside terrace.

Gustocamp is a young, energetic company, and the staff are trained to offer a detailed and personal service to each family of guests holidaying with Gustocamp. As a small organisation, they are able to guarantee the guests this attention. From the moment of the reservation until the final day of the holiday.

The website has been created to be very clear and user friendly. Any information that maybe required, from the choice of campsites or the type of accommodation is available and can be easily found.

Direct on-line booking is available, and following the step to step, reservations can be complete in just a few minutes.

Gusto is the Italian word for "taste", and this is exactly how Gustocamp would like to be remembered ...with good taste!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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