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Zyra in Panama, near the Panama Canal : Zyra's Issue123 front page picture

In this picture the waterway in the background is the entrance to the Panama Canal, one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. This picture was the front page picture of Zyra.org.uk on Issue123, replacing the picture Panamarama which was moved to Zyra.NET . Very much a tropical scene, with palm trees, and a few yachts in the background. That magnificent bridge in the background is the Bridge of the Americas, which carries the Panamerican Highway over the Panama Canal and yet is high enough above the water so big ships can fit underneath.

Paying a toll of dollar or two to get your car over the bridge, or a dollar or two per ton to get your ship through the Panama Canal, seems a much more reasonable way to fund a country's exchequer than the system in the UK where you're taxed at a rate of 40% of your GLOBAL income. More about tax havens can be seen here.

Anyway, here's the full-sized picture. I hope it's had time to load while you've been reading this text! ...

Zyra and the Panama Canal

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