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Bet fair

One to One betting

Betfair.com tells affiliates "People of the betting world will be forever grateful that you have introduced them to our site because there are clear benefits in using our site. Betfair is a Betting Exchange, there is no bookmaker on Betfair, just people exchanging bets. We have removed the bookmaker and his hefty margins from the betting process. We have replaced the bookmaker with a community of punters who put their knowledge to the test against each other. Our site is a proven success story with over 60,000 members and growing each day. ... the biggest revolution in betting ever."

Now updated in 2010...


"Betfair is by some way the world’s largest betting exchange and, has over 2 million members betting each month from all over the world.

A betting exchange is a bookie which uses technology to make sure the customer gets a better price. It does that by reducing its risk, which means it doesn't have to build in extra margin as a safety cushion. The effect is that punters bet on the price they want and not the price they're told they can have.

This means that you typically get up to 20% better odds than at a traditional bookie. This is because you are betting directly against other members so there are no bookies' margins.

BetFair... one of the world's biggest gaming companies.

Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker was originally launched in May 2004. Betfair Poker is one of the fastest growing poker rooms on the Internet and one of the busiest online rooms in Europe.

In October 2006 Betfair Poker released its new poker software, hosted on our own poker network. This means we are very lucky – we’re able to react to what our players want, so you’re really able to “Play it Your Way”. Betfair revolutionised the sports betting industry and Betfair Poker is changing the face of online poker forever.

Betfair Poker is also the proud sponsors of the first event of WSOP Europe 2009, The Free Million Dollar Game: your exclusive opportunity to represent your region at a live final table and come back home a millionaire.

Betfair Casino

The "Zero Lounge" features a handful of games with ZERO house edge.

"Zero Games" have no house edge; the return to players on all zero games is 100% (based on perfect strategy). Games include Blackjack,Roulette, Baccarat.Betfair keeps the players busy with regular bonus option, loyalty rewards and lucrative jackpots.

New players receive a 100% bonus match up to £50 at sign up.


Betfair Arcade, is rammed to the rafters with Jackpot prizes that grow and grow the more that people play on those games! All in all there are SEVENTEEN progressive jackpots and 65 top-notch games including Deal or No Deal, Monopoly and Cluedo.

Betfair also offers the World's first ever live "Bonus Bar". The more you play the faster it grows - until you win a cash prize. This is only available on high margin games".

Please note that Betfair are no longer catering for US Punters. If you are from the US please visit the Bookies Page

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http://www.betfair.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction (old link page) but has now moved to The New Buy.at