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Blue Square Poker

The game of Poker is a card game with a mean streak. Indeed, this is something we are subtly warned about in Blue Square Poker's website where a poker player is depicted as a shark, with the subtext "Bite off your chunk from 10 legs". So, you are forewarned not to bite off more than you can cope with in terms of your finances!

Nevertheless, if you would like to be involved in Blue Square Online Poker, the Home of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour and get involved in exclusive satellites and qualifiers for big money events, this could be for you. There are even pages about how to learn to play poker, and what size of bet is best so you don't go bust.

At Blue Square Poker you can get a chance to view the games before taking part in playing, and you can play against real people, who are also playing poker online, so in a way it is like a virtual online cardroom. This has a notable advantage over playing poker in a Wild West saloon, in that you can be sure you won't be shot dead. However, the edginess and riskiness of the Poker Room is tangible, and you can win or lose real money.

Such ideas as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and 7 card stud, are mentioned, and it's up to you to eye up what you're getting yourself into. Blue Square encourages responsible gambling, in the spirit of which online card games are supposed to be fun, and are not a substitute for other forms of making money, such as running a business, or having a job.

Did you know, "The GUKPT (Grosvenor UK Poker Tour) is the biggest live poker tour in the UK. Qualify online via 3 super satellites each week (Wed, Fri and Sun at 8:30pm) - exclusively at Blue Square Poker". That is, of course, a high publicity event, and makes it a competitive sport rather than just a game where you might win some money or lose some money according to your skill and luck.

The rules of the game of Poker, a poker forum, helpful tips by poker experts, and a Poker Glossary of special terms used when playing poker, are all included in the Blue Square Poker website.Blue Square PokerBlue Square Poker

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