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FREE MAKE-UP! FREE COSMETICS! What's the catch? Well, I'll tell you in all honesty. For a start you must live in the USA. No problem there, read on... To get your freebie you must fill in a form for jobsonline.com. You must enter your name, address, zip-code, (must validate), date of birth, and how many dollars per year income you have. If that's all ok with you, you can continue here...


Note: This is especially good if you like receiving LOADS of messages from a lot of different companies all trying to sell you stuff. I recommend using a special e-mail address so you can monitor just how much stuff you receive. I use a special e-mail address which is unique to this offer, and I get several circulars every day!

Further note: Some of the spam e-mails that arrive have misleading subject-lines. For example from "ADMIN" subject "TEST", and things from a personal name with "Re: Your account", ie pretending that it is a reply to something you have sent. Also, personalised stuff from a clairvoyant who seems to know you personally, but who doesn't, as replies do not get a response and you are expected to call up on the phone etc! Use a new made-up name that you know no-one else has. You'll still be offered family reunions with that name in! The automated systems substitute the information you give. Also, although a lot of the incoming e-mails from these sources look like they are from your friends and admirers, they DO NOT REPLY as they are circulars sent from spamming machines. So, it is very important that you use an e-mail address that is specific to THIS OFFER ONLY, or you will get in a terrible muddle with your e-mails and end up having to read through all sorts of advertising bumf. That's not to say don't do it. DO IT, but just use an address that you can identify so that you know that if an incoming mail has that address then it's from this source.

News 2002/10: Despite having unsubscribed, replied using "remove", and various other things, there is still SPAM arriving to the address which was used as a key field for this. Therefore it would not be unreasonable to assume that if you sign up, you will receive SPAM on an ongoing basis, even if you unsubscribe.

News 2003/08: Still some spam arriving. Even from places that claim to have "unsubscribed", even after repeated reminders to remove the address from the list. In the end the test address used for this experiment is being terminated by having the e-mail servers BOUNCE it!

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If anything else similar to this appears and you want to try it out SAFELY without ending up getting loads of SPAM, here's a method to deal with email sensibly