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Cat Table

Those who appreciate wildlife sometimes have a Bird Table so they can see wild birds visiting the garden. A Cat Table is a variant on this.a ginger cat captured by the Digital Rebel Instead of putting nuts and seeds out to attract birds, catfood and dinner leftovers are put out to attract cats. This is especially good if you have no cat yourself, as you can lure other people's cats along to visit the odd and vaguely edible items on show on your Cat Table.

Even well-fed domestic cats will find the food on a cat table worth "hunting" as they see it. Cats will sniff it at a distance and will arrive from far and wide to scavenge the food which they are being offered. On a dark night, this cat found the food by smellCat tables are not fussy and will attract other forms of wildlife. Rats, birds, mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, according to the relative diversity of fauna in your area. Instant photographic opportunities available... if you are willing to wait or have an automatic shutter set up.

The technique has been found to work especially well at night with an infra-red lighting system and digital photography. You might wonder if cats can see in the dark, but they certainly can't see an infra-red lamp, and they regard hunting at night as especially in-keeping with their style.

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