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Buy Body Jewelry Online

body-piercing jewellery

In2skin.com is a place where you can see a large selection of body-piercing jewellery and buy online. There are some remarkable pictures of interesting-looking people and there are hundreds of different styles of body jewellery in stock. Piercings for which jewellery is available include: tongue piercing, navel piercing, nose and septum piercing, ear plugs, nipple rings, genital piercing jewelry, eyebrow and speciality items. Sizes from 18 gauge to 5/8 inch to suit most size piercings. And they say "If we do not carry the piercing jewelry you are looking for please email us and we will see if we can find it for you". Also there is an offer on the site where, if you have some interesting body-piercings and don't mind appearing on photographs on the site, you get a discount off future purchases of items on sale!

Looking through the list of items in stock, there are such things as "Glass Spikes, glass spike plugs with glass design top 6 gauge / with colored glass design top 6 gauge" , "Pair of bent glass spike plugs with psychedelic glass design 4 gauge", "A pair of carved water buffalo bone plugs", "A pair of carved coconut wood plugs", and other intriguingly non-mainstream items.

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

Sadly the domain appears to have been lost to cybersquatters. http://in2skin.com/Merchant2/agent.mv?AG=zyra&SC=SFNT&S=in2skin

www.in2skin.com independent affiliate program was off their own bat, but sadly it's now had to be bunged up because the official website has been lost.