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Evil Eyes.com

"Evil Eyes.com is a dark and demented division of EyeColor.com, the Internet's leading seller of color and special effect contact lenses. We sell some of the same things that our "normal" older sibling does, like wicked contacts from WildEyes® and Crazy Lenses®. But we offer so much more! Gothic jewelry crafted from fine pewter. The best in dark fashions from Brom®, Liquid Blue™, Grave Images™ and Gravestone Artwear®. A unique selection of mystical gifts. It definitely takes all kinds to run a successful company and EvilEyes.com has more than its share of souls who are - how shall we say this? - well, you know, different. Our spirits move us, make us who we are, and set us apart from who we're not. Worldly folk look at a company like EvilEyes.com and shake their heads. They don't understand. But we don't care. You do. And that's all that matters".

"With Crazy Lenses, you'll see the world in a whole new way and the world will see a whole new you. Most designs are available in prescription powers for vision correction. So don't just express yourself. Go crazy!!!"

"Evil Eyes / Eye Color.com ships to the United States (including APO and FPO addresses) and Canada only. Except in the case of out-of-stock items, we ship all orders for plano lenses within one business day".

If you dare be tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.evileyes.com affiliate program has expired with Commission Junction. Sadly, the program has now finished. We hope it will start again soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to click on any of the categories at the top of the page to find alternatives. For example Coloured Contact Lenses