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Zyra's Issue113 front page picture

OK, it's a picture of Zyra with green hair, but what's that in the background? Can you identify that intriguing Gothic ruin? It might have some similarity with the ruin of Whitby Abbey which you can see on the Whitby Gothic weekend. Gothic contacts abound at the Gothic page, and of special reference is the RNLI Bungee Jump at Whitby which is a daring way of raising money for charity. Let's also give a shameless plug to the Demonic Philatelic site who kindly donated the image of Gothic ruin which was then used as a backdrop to the image.

Zyra's hair colour is real, but the purple sky colour has obviously been mauled about to make it purple like that using some software. What? Paint Shop Pro? No, some software that was given away free with the Scanner which was designed to run on Windows3.11 and does the trick.

What's that object to the left of the frame? It's a bat. Short of having a real bat to hand at the time of making the photo, I used a fluffy bat which I had bought when the mental hospital was having a sale of hand-crafted items. See, it's not all baskets, you know!

Anyway, here's the full-sized picture. I hope it's had time to load while you've been reading this text! ...

Issue113 front page picture

There are other modelling shots at this site, and I think some of them are better than this. Then again, I always have my doubts when a new front page picture is created. You can explore around this site and see what you think. At the time of publishing Issue113 there were thousands of pages. These are listed in full A-Z order , but so as to avoid being too conventional, they are also listed in Z-A order