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(The "Mirror Icon" is also available as shareware on Shareware page 2)

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On 2000/12/13 a company director of one of our "reciprocal links" companies requested a BANNER for the purpose of having a reciprocal link in a graphical form. So, that day a banner was created, and is now available. If you're kind enough to give a link to www.zyra.org.uk then that would be well appreciated, whether it be a text link or a link using this JPG icon. Banners can be scaled to any size, but the original banner (seen at the bottom of the screen here) has an original size of 300 by 80 pixels.

ZYRA's website!To make a link using this icon, save this page, then copy "banner.jpg" to your website, and the html is: <p><a href="http://www.zyra.org.uk"><img src="banner.jpg"></a></p> or use "insert image" and "create or insert hyperlink" option, or you can VIEW SOURCE/HTML and cut&paste the last section of this page. To use the other icons, it's the same procedure except that they are called "banner2.jpg" and "banner3.jpg". Another way to acquire the banners is to right-click a mouse over them and then save them as images. These can then be imported into webpages. Again, the destination link is "http://www.zyra.org.uk".

This page saves as BANNER for linking to www.zyra.org.uk and the JPG saves as banner.jpg in a "BANNER..._files" directory on some types of operating system.

More banners hereAlso, there are MORE BANNERS, in this style, available here

Thanks very much to those linking to my site, and don't forget to TELL ME so I can include a link to YOU from my site!

Example of a link and description:

ZYRA's website - Interesting eccentric site with thousands of pages of useful information on a wealth of subjects, oodles of fascinating and amusing items, and an encyclopaedic set of things linked together conceptually, plus references to thousands of places around the world.

Now here's the cut and paste stuff:

link here to see ZYRA's site