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Nashua 4200 Photocopier(was) FOR SALE

This photocopier (see close-up) was bought secondhand in about 1984 and at the time it had done about half a million copies. It worked for many years after that, but eventually it became very difficult to get the liquids which it required. So, there it is, for sale. A collectable item. Nearly a xerographic antique. It's a huge weighty machine, but I know a good courier who could shift it to just about anywhere in the world if you're interested. It's quite rare. Well, very rare. In fact when I searched on Google for "Nashua 4200" this was the ONLY ONE! Out of three thousand million pages, the only mention of a Nashua 4200 photocopier was the Zyra's Bazaar LIST. I would have thought the Nashua Photocopier Company would like to buy it really, as it's a piece of history. Also, there must be photocopier collectors and office equipment museums that would feel a need to own it... If they've got enough space that is. It's an A3 copier, so its office desk footprint is about twice that, A2 size! So, if you're fascination is the history of xerography, and you've got enough room, and you can afford to make me a really good offer for this interesting item, be in touch. e-mail me. Also, if you happen to know if this really is the last one in the world, let me know.

Note (2005): I am sure there must be a Museum of Photocopying, an Office Equipment Museum somewhere in the world, or some kind of place with an interest in such an excellent example of an old photocopier for sale. Now that I am having to emigrate for tax purposes as my website is become a success because of such things as the Shopping Portal, I am going to have to part with interesting items which are weighty. Old photocopiers of historical interest and immense weight are unlikely to be a good idea in the tax exile plan, on account of the packing considerations. So, if you're reading this from a computer in The Museum of Interesting Ancient Office Equipment or similar, now is the best time to express your interest in this Nashua 4200 old photocopier. It is of the type that requires fluid, liquid developer and liquid toner, but it prints onto normal A4 and A3 80 gramme office paper.

Time and technology has moved on and now this desk-sized A3 photocopier has been replaced in its image capture role by a Canon EOS350D digital camera which can grab at least as much image and yet is more portable!

Also, as if just an afterthought, I happen to have a few other items which might be of interest in this field: A electro- mechanical adding machine, a cash till, several old typewriters, filing cabinets, and even some RTTY telex equipment! See Electronic Junk for sale

Update 2005/04: This photocopier is now no longer available complete! It has been dismantled and is available for spares. Many worthwhile spare parts are on sale: Motors, fans, electronics, cogs, gears, wheels, a large lens, and most notably the GLASS. The glass on a photocopier is the component often requested as a replacement spare part as a likely mode of failure of photocopiers is the breakage of the glass by someone trying to photocopy their bum.

So if you need a glass plate as a replacement, you'll be interested to know the one here is intact.

Update 2012/08: I have now emigrated. Most of the photocopier spares did not make it into the shipping containers, although some did. I still have the control panel, and various other bits and pieces. Ask me! The rest of it had to be decommissioned. Not just dismantled, but decommissioned. A shame, really. It appears there were at the time no photocopier collectors.

Incidentally, there were a variety of other interesting pieces of equipment which sold, either to collectors, or to the company that made the equipment in the first place. This has happened in companies where the company could trace its history back to the early days so the people at the company had some affinity for the early days. In the case of Nashua photocopiers, the company was taken over by Gestetner and they didn't have any sentimentality for old Nashua. Aw!

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a new photocopier, there are some at the page of office equipment. Good Luck!