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Sites with Close Relationships

The website Zyra.me.uk has a list of places which all link to the site. This all helps!

As linking is very popular, it seems right to make quite sure that all of the domains link to ALL of the others in the club. So, here's a list of all those which are included:

Link to Zyra.org.ukZyra.org.uk


Xyroth EnterprisesZyra.net


Real LinuxZyra.tv






Zyra BelizePrivate Enterprise Space Company Unlimited

Real Linux.co.uk

Zyra.org (.UK?)

Zyra Europe

Perceptions Forum.org.ukPerceptions Forum



And yet to be developed Zyra.biz, www.pescu.co.uk , www.pescu.org.uk , www.real-linux.org.uk , and a few other Real Linux domains.

Plus Xyroth's extra domains Xyroth.net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk

Xyroth Enterprises domains .net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk - The main site being www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk

and variants without the hyphen .net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk

Looks like September 16th 2003 was a good day for being an affiliate of 123-reg :-)

Well we'll see how this "experiment in web interrelationship" goes. Considering how poor some positioning on screech indians has been recently (2003) it's hardly surprising we've had to do something like that. What with the NAFF KEYWORD problem and other really silly things.