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There aren't many more famous bookshops than Foyles. They're over 100 years old and have an astonishing range of titles. Okay bookworms - enjoy!Foyles


"Foyles was founded in 1903 by two brothers: when William and Gilbert Foyle failed their Civil Service examinations, they decided to sell their textbooks. Such was the response to their advert that they could have sold them many times over, so they determined to start a bookshop. The unwanted textbooks became the modest foundation stone of what was to become the world’s greatest bookshop.

The business has been on Charing Cross Road since 1906 and is still privately owned.

We hope that you enjoy visiting Foyles' online bookshop and that we may look forward to welcoming you as a new customer.

Foyles is the world’s most famous bookshop with over one hundred years of trading history. From five floors at our London flagship store we stock an unparallelled range of 250,000 different titles in fifty-six specialist departments. Foyles.co.uk also features another one million titles that we order for customers".

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