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New Holland Publishers

Some of us like to read at Zyra and some of us like to write - diary after diary! However, if you love to read, you'll enjoy our New Holland Publishers page and don't forget to check out the Discount Dozen section!

New Holland Publishers:

"New Holland is a publishing house dedicated to the highest editorial and design standards.

Books from New Holland are usually aimed at a niche audience and are extremely popular and well respected in their field. Books are published throughout the year, with an exciting range of titles supported by PR campaigns.

We have a large range of gift books available, which are popular throughout the year and in the pre Christmas period. The website is divided in popular categories including food & drink, craft & hobbies, sport & adventure, reference and travel.

We also have the 'Discount Dozen' – which as the name suggests is twelve heavily discounted books with up to 50%. The Discount Dozen contains popular and interesting books and the products in this category change every Monday".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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New Holland Publishers

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