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In case you were wondering, Reader's Digest really DO give away prizes !!!

Reader's Digest AustraliaReader's Digest AUSTRALIA

Reader's Digest Australia is one of the most successful marketing enterprises ever! At one point, the Reader's Digest Great World Atlas had sold more copies in Australia than the number of households in Australia! So, the average Australian had access to The Atlas and to a spare!

Now Reader's Digest Australia is offering you a chance to enter an online sweepstakes. That's got to be good, hasn't it?

"Just answer a simple question and you could enter to win prizes worth thousands of dollars, including the $350,000 AU Grand Prize. This exclusive opportunity, valid for a limited time, is brought to you by Reader's Digest, the most widely read magazine in the world. You could be our next big winner!"


Reader's Digest affiliate program was with DGM Australia - seems to have disappeared and been bunged up now it's dgmPRO

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Also, there are some classic banners here which are worth showing to demonstrate the brilliance of the marketing!...Where is the Ace of Diamonds?

Three-card trick, anyone?
Click on 27 to have a chance to win a car!

Remember, this isn't really a clickable image-map! Click anywhere!
You have 1 message waiting for you!Retro computer enthusiasts will remember this. Banners which look like system things on those oldfashioned Microsoft Windows operating systems before the Linux revolution!