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Reader's Digest really DO give away prizes

There it is on the doormat, ANOTHER promotion by Reader's Digest. YOU have been selected to win a PRIZE! Probably with a little car key included or some other fancy gimmick. But do people really win prizes? I've heard cynics say not. And as for the name of the person at Reader's Digest, TOM CHAMPAGNE, people look in disbelief!

But I can tell you from personal experience that IT'S TRUE! Not only is the Reader's Digest man really called Tom Champagne, strange as it may seem, but also there really are winners! I know this because I personally have been in the room where the prize winners lists were printed! The printing press in use was not the most up-to-date, but it churned out thousands of pages of names of prize winners, and these were sent out in the post. Not only that, but there was one point where the people using the room had a delivery of thousands of small radio sets. These were the runner-up prizes, and I saw them put in jiffybags and put in the post! The whole Readers Digest Prize Operation is real. I have seen it myself.

So, if anyone is sceptical about the Reader's Digest prizes, let them have no doubt, Reader's Digest really DO give away prizes!

Reader's Digest logo(for more info about Reader's Digest, have a closer look. LINK HERE!)

Reader's Digest AustraliaOr, how about this? Reader's Digest Australia with a chance of winning thousands of dollars AU in prizes!