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Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate Tracker
Independent Affiliate Program Software to help improve your business

If you are considering the possibilities of having an affiliate program and would like to make that an Independent Affiliate Program, Affiliate Tracker is worth knowing about. Affiliate Tracker is software which allows you to run your own affiliate program, anywhere in the world. It's less expensive than many such solutions, and is very much cheaper than having an affiliate program managed by a top-of-the-range affiliate marketing company.

Affiliate Tracker Software is by Software Tips of Australia, and it will work in just about any country in just about any currency. Your server must have a Unix/Linux operating system, rather than Windows2000 or something else Microsoftish, but as most servers on the Internet are Unix/Linux based, this shouldn't really be a problem. If in doubt, check with your ISP or with tech support.

Now, when you visit the actual site, via this link coming up here, don't be put off by the fact that the whole thing is hyped-up and has a salesmanlike feel to it. Just close the silly pop-up and read the stuff, carefully, and then decide calmly whether this is for you. I think it's well worth looking into, because if you successfully manage to set up an independent affiliate program, you will have websites around the world trying to sell your products and services for you, and you only need to pay them if they do any good for your business. It's a no-win no-fee commission based thing, affiliate marketing. I know, as I am an affiliate, and if I don't sell anything, I don't get paid.

To find out more about Affiliate Tracker software for setting up your own independent affiliate program, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

As well as producing the Affiliate Tracker affiliate programs solutions software, these helpful people also make the Form Processor software which helps you to run any kind of form-filling on your site and have it processed automatically!

http://www.affiliatetracker.com.au/ affiliate software has, as you might have guessed, an Independent Affiliate Program at the Zyra website. You are welcome to join this independent affiliate program here. Good luck!