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Cosmetic surgery is recommended. Even though it is expensive and takes a while to recover from, it is generally WORTH IT, so much so that people who have had surgery seldom regret it, and wish they'd had it done BEFORE. The thing is, it improves the appearance, but also improves the confidence, personality, self-esteem.

I have recently been modified, having had a septo-rhinoplasty, ie a nose-job, and am WELL CHUFFED with the result. I now have a nose which is: * not too big, * symmetrical, * without an untidy lump on it, * with the septum perfectly formed, and * with a well-formed slope. An excellent job by the surgeon, who is...

Mr Musgrove, at The Manchester Clinic (was, Manchester UK. Telephone +44 (0) 161 276 4486

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I was also modified in 1989 to correct a problem with the upper/lower jaw, and that operation was a great success too. It is amazing what types of defects can be cured and what kinds of improvements can be achieved. The operation in 1989 was a Maxillo-Facial surgery operation and was performed by...

Mr Burr, at Charing Cross Hospital / Maxillo-Facial unit, London. Telephone +44 (0) 20 8383 000

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If you might be considering having cosmetic surgery, here's a few pieces of advice I would venture to offer... <LINK HERE>.

Also, a list of places that perform cosmetic surgery...

Expert On-line Dental treatment: Dental Plans - USA

MYA - Make Yourself Amazing - cosmetic surgery contact worth looking at to see what they can do for you.Optimax Laser Eye Surgery

Optimax - the UK’s No 1 laser eye specialist.

For laser skin treatment, the London Cosmetic Laser Centre was mentioned, but there was a problem.

(gone) Spoil Me Now - Try getting someone else to pay for your surgery!

(gone) Optical Express - the world’s number one provider of laser eye surgery.

(gone) HSA Dental - dental health plans in the UK.

Cosmetic Surgery UK - described as "Cosmetic Surgery UK - Breast Implants UK - For the breasts of your dreams we offer safe surgical excellence. Finest aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgery in the UK". (was

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Resource - "Resource for locating a board certified plastic surgeon nationwide for plastic surgery, including breast implants, breast augmentation, face lifts, and liposuction".

Wentworth Clinic - "We are a cosmetic surgery based in Bournemouth, we also offer dental surgery and laser surgery and liposuction".

International Journal of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery - was Yourself Amazing - MYA cosmetic surgery

London Cosmetic Laser Centre

Cosmetic Surgery Consultants

The Hospital Group (af)

Cosmetic Surgery London - was - removed because of cybersquatters - bad links last checked 2008/03/18

An opinion by a cosmetic surgery customer/patient: I don't personally recommend The Transform Clinic UK. I have had bad experiences there myself, and that's why I am not recommending The Transform Clinic. In fact, even though they have an affiliate program and would pay me money to recommend them, I still won't.