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London Cosmetic Laser Centre

At the London Cosmetic Laser Centre in Harley Street, London, you can book yourself an appointment online and go for a free assessment.

London Cosmetic Laser Centre: "We offer High Quality in cosmetic laser treatment with Guaranteed results in writing. With treatments for Acne, Scars, Birthmarks, Hair Removal, Skin resurfacing, moles, thread veins, cellulite, stretch marks and more. We offer all our customers a FREE assessment".

"At the London Cosmetic Laser Centre, we understand that life is more enjoyable when you are happy with your appearance. It's a personal choice and has a lot to do with self-esteem and self-confidence. We have made it our personal goal to help you become the best you can be. To this end we offer our unique guaranteed results in writing".

"At the London Cosmetic Laser Centre we use the most advanced technology, equipment and procedures available today. The London Cosmetic Laser Centre is a state-of-the-art laser centre. It is equipped with the very latest in laser technology and modern surgical suites".

London Cosmetic Laser Centre: "With every success we have changed the lives of our patients and we have built our reputation around this. Since our establishment in 1995, we have received numerous glowing recommendations from our patients but don't take our word for it! We offer guaranteed results in writing"

I have visited the London Cosmetic Laser Centre myself and I have met Dr Fayez Mahfouz. He was very confident and optimistic about what he could achieve by laser treatment to various skin problems I had.

Dr Fayez Mahfouz is described as one of the most prominent cosmetic surgeons. He has many certificates on the walls, but what also speaks well of him are the customer testimonials and the before-and-after shots where people have had their skin dramatically improved and blemishes/scars removed so as to become near-invisible!

Laser treatments include: Acne Removal, Acne Scar Removal, Age & Sun Spots, Birthmarks Blemishes, Cellulite, Hair Removal, Freckle Removal, Lines & Wrinkles Restylane, Rosacea, Skin Lightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Resurfacing, Skin Shade, Stretch Marks, Thread Veins, Mole Removal, Fungal Nail Removal.

You can book online here and visit the The London Cosmetic Laser Centre in Harley Street, London, for a Free Assessment:


Special note: Please delay any decisions on this. There appears to be a problem! It is very important that this is resolved before continuing with linking there. We are in touch with the affiliate marketing company about this. In the meantime, see many other useful resources at the site index and the shopping portal

http;//www,londoncosmetic,com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Window but has since been bunged up. I warned Affiliate Window about it at the time.

The situation regarding the London Laser Clinic was still not resolved a considerable time after first reporting it, but you may be interested to know that Laser Treatment in the form of Laser Hair Removal is now available by means of a laser kit which you can use at home. Be sensible how you use it! See TRIA

If you'd like to follow up what happened about Dr Fayez Mahfouz, there's quite a lot of fuss and numerous articles online.

I feel it would be inappropriate for me to go on about all of the trouble which happened and which has upset many patients, but I will tell you what happened to me:

I am an affiliate of various companies, and I promote them on my website. Sometimes I write about them. For example, I sometimes visit the companies as a customer, and then I write a testimonial (good or bad) about what happened. For example, there's my Vonage Customer Testimonial , and some unusual comments about Asda, and a story about Argos, and so on.

I happened to be in London and I was interested in having some cosmetic surgery, in particular some skin treatment, so I booked an appointment and visited the London Cosmetic Laser Centre. I did this because I was interested in having some treatment. The fact that I would be paid a small commission for introducing myself as a customer was a mere detail.

The initial consultation with Dr Fayez Mahfouz was free. According to the terms and conditions, affiliates are still paid for that. However, what happened was after the initial (free) consultation, I was told I would have to have an additional paid-for consultation, at a cost of £70. I decided to go away and think about it.

A few weeks later, I discovered I had not been credited any affiliate commission for that. I asked Affiliate Window, and they said that affiliates are paid for free consultations at the London Cosmetic Laser Centre. However, it seemed the London Cosmetic Laser Centre was saying one thing and doing something else. They claimed there was no such patient, and claimed that I (the affiliate) could not possibly know the patient. Well normally that would be the case, but in this particular instance, I did know the patient, as it was me! So, I told Affiliate Window about this and pointed out that the London Cosmetic Laser Centre was not actually crediting affiliates for the free consultations as they claimed in their statement, and instead were only crediting affiliates for paid-for consultations. Affiliate Window looked into this, but London Cosmetic Laser Centre denied it.

Having been caught-out, the London Cosmetic Laser Centre now went onto being on the list of places to be wary of. I warned Affiliate Window to keep an eye on what was happening and to make sure they were paid.

A bit later, a message came in to say that the affiliate program of the London Cosmetic Laser Centre had been terminated for non-payment, and someone else said "they've done a runner".