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Complete Gyms

Are you the sort of person who spends a fortune on going to the gym? Why not create a little space in your accommodation and workout at home. Visit Complete Gyms and choose equipment with the help of their impartial advice.

Complete Gyms:

"Complete gyms is a northern Ireland based company, providing gym equipment sales throughout the UK and Ireland.

The company has been supplying the ever growing fitness market for 5 years and has gained a reputation for a complete and professional service from start to finish.

At complete gyms we do our very best to help customers through every stage of purchasing gym equipment from buying to maintaining.

We offer a wide range of delivery options, as well as being very price competitive.

We hold large stocks of all major brands, and our website provides customers with lots of impartial information and reviews on the products we sell".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Complete Gyms

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