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Paramount Zone

Here is a selection of the remarkable gadgets and gifts available from Paramount Zone. Remote controlled aircraft, a USB Memory Swiss Army knife, Coughing Ashtray to helps smokers to give up, brilliant lights, battle tanks, flying machines, and even an unusual bath mat. These are interesting things some of which are hard to get, and you're not likely to find looking around Argos. However, there's more about each of these interesting items here. Read on...

Paramount Zone

Amazing Gadgets & Gift Ideas

Paramount Zone Paramount Zone
  Coughing Ashtray -   Better than nicorettes...  
  £6.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone This may just look like a cool metal ashtray but as you put your ash in it, it starts coughing its lungs up. Great novelty fun gift idea for someone who is trying to give up smoking. Forget buying nicorettes to try to kick the habit, as this will put you off smoking for life. more...

Remote Control SU-27 Fighter Plane -  Comes "Ready-To-Fly"
  £69.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone This is a scale replica of the real-world SU-27 which is widely regarded as one of the top air superiority fighter aircraft, with performance second to none. Our r/c model retains the same great looks and eye-catching paint scheme of the original - so much so that at a distance, you’ll swear you're watching the real thing! more...

USB Swiss Army Knife - 128MB -  The Coolest of tools
  £69.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone The Swiss Memory Victorinox is a collaboration between two companies Victorinox and SwissBit. Victorinox is the original maker of Swiss Army knives and have been in business for over 100 years. Swissbit are Europe's leading manufacturer of memory modules. More

Goldfish Bath Mat -  Down the plughole...
  £22.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone Bring your bathroom to life with this funky non-slip rubber/fabric bath and shower mat. It has a unique and stylish design with an organic shape. Tricks you into thinking your bath is full of goldfish being sucked down the plughole.more...

Commando Challenge Micro Tanks -  Stalk the enemy...
  £34.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone Become the ultimate tank commander as you take command of these miniature remote-controlled Commando Challenge Battle Tanks! Stalk your opponents using any available obstacles as cover, then when you get in range, rotate your turret, take aim and fire! more...

Electronic Cocktail Database -   For that perfect cocktail
  £29.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone Complete with integral double ended spirit measure, this handheld cocktail recipe database contains details of 40 cocktails. Whether you fancy a classic Martini, White Russian or Blue Hawaiian, simply select your choice and the backlit display will show you the ingredients, what type of glass to use and whether to blend, shake or stir! more...

Fighterbird R/C Plane -  Have ultrasonic dogfights
  £99.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone For first time pilots, HobbyZone's Fighterbird makes learning to fly easier than ever. Plus once you've earned your wings, the Fighterbird easily converts via an onboard programmable computer chip to Expert Mode, offering increased control response for exciting manoeuvres like wingovers, dives and even pylon turns. More

PAL Light - Survival - White LED - Flashlight of the future
  £19.95 from Paramountzone.com
Paramount Zone This mini flashlight is just 3" long, but acts as a new personal safety and emergency light with 4 different modes. Utilising advanced LED technology, the PALight is hard wearing, robust, will stand on its base and is water resistant to a considerable down pour.More
Paramount Zone Paramount Zone


Paramount Zone
Paramount Zone Paramount Zone
Selector Mug

Mathmos Tuba - Silver

Inova X5 Torch -
Titanium - Blue LED

Paramount Zone Paramount Zone Paramount Zone
Fliklite Torche Original (Aluminium)

Illuminating Coffee Table

Kameleon Remote
Control - 6 Way