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The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets

What can we say? Visit The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets and unleash your full potential. The sky isn't the limit, with the help of Ali Campbell!

The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets:

"The Slim Girl’s Box of Secrets represents the unveiling of the secrets that celebrity life coach Ali Campbell has perfected working with clients from rock stars to royalty to help them achieve their goals.

The programme is NOT about dieting and caters specifically to people who don't like exercise and really don't want to spend hours in a gym.

The style used throughout is funny, engaging, irreverent and above all available to everybody who wants to be slim, healthy and stylish – there are no judgements and nobody need feel alone or that this programme is 'not for me'.

Ali is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, a Personal Trainer and highly effective motivator rolled into one.

The Box contains a 200+ page book, 2 DVDs, 2 CDs and a specially designed style guide. The design of the package is aspirational and engaging.

The package is supported by a world class and highly compelling community based, social networking website where members may interact with others on the same journey and gain additional interactive content from a faculty of specialists".

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The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets

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