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B and S House Of Health

Top up on your vitamins, supplements and other pep pills at B and S House Of Health. If your diet isn't as healthy as it ought to be, don't pass their site by.

B and S House Of Health:

"When we launched B & S back in 1999, we set ourselves a target:

To develop and build a company which should be recognised for its professional ethics, for its quality, transparency and value for money products and a company which cares for its customers.

Our aim then was, and still is, to provide high quality products at affordable prices based on what the customer needs and not what we need; in short provide true value for money.

And now, after seven years of successful mail order business, we can say that we have succeeded. Thanks both to our expanding and loyal customer base and the B & S team whose job it is to put the whole thing together month after month.

B & S sources its materials from the highest quality and renewable sources; our processing and manufacturing systems more than comply with the best in British standards.

Our communications team in the UK work tirelessly to bring you the products you want at the prices you have come to expect.

B&S House of Health is a highly popular UK site that offers an extensive range of vitamins, minerals & dietary supplements at very competitive prices. Frequent promotional campaigns online and offline, prompt delivery and excellent customer support have allowed us to develop a strong and loyal customer base.".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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B and S House Of Health

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