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Estrella Brite

Get a beautiful smile with the aid of Estrella Brite. It's a much better and natural way, to improve your look.

Estrella Brite:

"Whether riding the perfect wave or improving the health of his devoted patients, Dr. David Villarreal (“Doc Wavos” to his surfing buddies) is a passionate fan of the power and beauty of nature.

The curative powers of herbs and botanicals have been prized by natural health practitioners for centuries - and now modern scientists have proven their efficacy!**

Developed by Dr. David Villarreal and used exclusively in his Estrella products, Herbal Brite is an all-natural, non-irritating blend of calendula, yerba mate, papain, witch hazel, aloe vera, licorice root, and green tea.

The active ingredient in both Estrella Toothpaste and Oral Tonic Rinse, Herbal Brite gently cleans and purifies and stimulates your teeth and gums, resulting in a bright smile and sweet, fresh breath - for up to six full hours!"

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Estrella Brite

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