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The Health of Your Teeth

This page should help you to smile, not necessarily because it'll cheer you up, but because you feel more inclined to smile if you know your teeth look good.

There's a variety of dental resources and references on this site, and here are just a few of them...

Dental Plans - USA - practical solutions to getting your dental work sorted out

The Smile Place - the UK's first, most reliable and professional DIY online teeth whitening company.

Power Swabs - teeth whitening with all natural ingredients.

Sovereign Health Care - including dental care in the UK

Alta White - Celebrity smile today!

Smile 4 You - whiter teeth for less cost

DIY Dental Impression Kit - save hundreds of dollars!

Waterpik Store - one of the most trusted oral health brands of dental professionals throughout the world

MORE THAN > Annual Travel Insurance - including emergency dental treatment

Cosmetic Surgery - dental treatment included

Estrella Brite - for bright teeth

Denta Works UK - gone

Basic Health Insurance with optional dental insurance

Very quiet fishtank - Fishtank should be quiet in a doctor's waiting room, but not necessarily in a dentist's waiting room!

Garden Pharmacy - dental care items available

Webmoney Health Cash Plan / Health Protect / Medical Insurance - inc dental fees

Grants of Cornwall - Yes, they would even recycle your gold teeth

HSA Dental Plan - shame that's gone!

The element Mercury - used in dental fillings

X-Ray Vision Request - the C-Arm x-ray machine detector system, from a dentist's x-ray machine

Name of Asda - the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists is linked-to

Travel Checklist - alternative uses of dental floss are mentioned

Fine Tooth Comb - not quite what it seems

AXA PPP health Insurance - also included AXA emergency dental plan? Gone

Income and Expenses Checklist - includes dentistry expenses

Dencover Limited - insure yours smile - gone

Choc-by-choc specific ingredients and allergy info - dental considerations are taken into account!

Crosskeys Pet Healthcare Books - inc dental toys - gone

Spoil Me Now - cosmetic surgery - including dental treatment - gone