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Power Swabs

Power Swabs

The World's Most Advanced Teeth Whitening System

Now you too can have that smile you've always dreamed of with Power Swabs! Better still they contain no harsh bleach, peroxide or abrasives.

Power Swabs:

"Power Swabs is unlike any other teeth whitening product in the market.

Power Swabs contain no harsh bleach, peroxide or abrasives.

They contain all natural ingredients designed to maximize their ability to clean teeth and reduce dehydration-related tooth sensitivity. Moreover they have been proven to be safe and gentle for everyday use on gums, natural tooth surfaces and dental work.

Zero Sensitivity Bleaching: By hydrating the tooth surface and speeding procedure times, Power Swabs can block transient dentinal hypersensitivity associated with in-office and take-home bleaching procedures.

Faster Procedure Times: By pre-treating enamel surface with solvents and surfactants, enamel surface stains & debris are easily removed leaving a cleaner surface which will speed whitening and other procedure times".

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