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Feels like Astra (star), or maybe like Mazda (magical connotations, and also famous for lightbulbs and cars), but usually ASDA is an acronym or similar constructed word.

Asda - Supermarket. Originally "Associated Dairies". or both varieties exist and are the same place.

A.S.D.A. - American Stamp Dealers Association. Also see Stamp Demon - Australian Sports Drug Agency - making sure athletes play fair. Sport is about pure performance. - was

Asda - ASDA - the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists - avoiding pain when your teeth operated on. - Asda Property Holdings (London) (gone - was )

Asda - Australian Screen Directors Association - was ΑΣΔΑ - ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΙΑΚΟΣ ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ ΔΥΤΙΚΗΣ ΑΘΗΝΑΣ - Association for the development of West Athens


As surely as with FSA, many places have had the same idea and have the same snazzy name ASDA. I would guess we have missed a few, so it's always worth considering adding some. e-mail here