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Fat Attack

Do you want to attack your fat? If the answer is yes, put down that chip butty and click onto the Fat Attack website.

Fat Attack:

"Run throughout the year in Surrey at selected residential venues, 'Fat Attack' weekends provide a kick start to healthy weight loss & your fitness routine.

To ensure that your valuable holiday time is not swallowed up in speeding up your metabolism and accelerating your fitness regime and additionally partners are on-hand to help care for your dependents, we run our programmes uniquely from Friday afternoon through to Sunday late afternoon . All our venues are cherry picked to allow the shortest commute and access whether by car or train from London and the neighbouring home counties.

The Training

Each training session runs for 90-120mins, with each course as challenging as the next, activities can include: pad works, running/ interval training, kettlebell training, Nordic walking, SAQ, circuit training, tabata, core training, resistance training, fell running, assault course, climbing, tyre challenge, tug of war, stretching and more.

These core sessions are intense and have been designed with the sole purpose of dramatically increasing your fitness, burning fat and improving your muscle tone to result in an improved level of stamina and fitness ability by the end of the weekend that you can continue to work upon after departure".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Fat Attack

http://www.fatattack.co.uk/ affiliate program is with Paid On Results