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pamper your baby now

Remember Saira Khan from the Apprentice? Well this is her site and it's for babies. Miamoo is the site for you, if you want to pamper your or someone else's baby.


"Miamoo is a luxurious range of baby skincare goodies and gift packs tapping into the increasing demand for indulgent gifts for babies and parents. Each gift pack comes with a chosen gift card with the sender’s own personal message.

Created by Apprentice star and media personality Saira Khan the range is getting serious PR exposure on national TV, Press and Radio.

The Miamoo family consists of 7 products each with a unique personality which captures and enhances the baby’s pampering experience.

Using only the scrummiest natural ingredients, our formulations include silk, jojoba, calendula, shea butter, sweet almond oil, lemon oil and aloe vera.

There are no harsh ingredients such as parabens, SLS/ALS or petrochemicals used in any of Miamoo’s products".

If you have been tempted by this...

[Here is where the link should be to go to the place!]


http://www.miamoo.co.uk affiliate program was with Affiliate Future

Here at Zyra's affiliate website we like Miamoo and we like to encourage new business, so we've created this nice dedicated page and linked it up with the baby category and with other pages at this site, and even given the place a plug in the newsletter! Miamoo should do well here, in theory, as there are good ecological references as well as baby items and gifts. So, it was a bit of a shock to find we were suspended from the affiliate program because the people at Miamoo didn't like the look of the website. Well, let's get this in perspective: Harrods like the site, and John Lewis are keen to be on it, and the Hilton Hotel, and Alliance and Leicester Bank ... You can see the picture. Many shopping outlets and famous names are doing very well here, and the fact that the site is a bit unusual, strange, different, eccentric, etc is actually good for business! So good, in fact, that Zyra is emigrating as a tax exile.

We are in touch with the friendly helpful people at Miamoo and hopefully the matter will be reconsidered and we can get on with being good for business for them alongside other well known companies! In the meantime, customers, you are welcome to visit the Miamoo website (whose address is provided on this page), or look at other shopping, baby stuff, gifts, etc. This page will be updated if there are any changes.