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Water! Water! Or any drink! The feeling of THIRST is insatiable, one of the strongest human urges. Of course it shouldn't be a problem if there's plenty of fluid about for you to drink.

A range of drink is available here.

But what if the thirst is STILL THERE even if you have plenty of drink? Well, then it's possible you have got diabetes. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but you'll have to check on it. One of the key features of the dreaded diabetes is that you have a terrible thirst and even after drinking a pint of fizzy pop you are still thirsty. If that's you, it would be a good idea for you to visit a doctor and get a test to see if you have become a diabetic. Honestly, it's not as bad as it sounds, and it's better to know about it and get some treatment than to ignore it. And besides, the treatment is not as bad as it's imagined to be. The test is very easy, and can easily tell if you are a diabetic or not.

What if you have a terrible thirst at night and yet you know for a fact that you are not a diabetic?! The problem is that thirst is difficult to do anything about, apart from drinking. And if you drink? Then you've got to go to the toilet, and that disrupts your sleep. Don't worry; I know about how to deal with this too: Don't drink water, tea, or coffee; drink FIZZY DIET POP. The type of thing I mean is that cheap fizzy diet lemonade which you can get from Asda, Tesco, etc for about 20p for a two litre bottle. You can have a bottle of this stuff by the side of the bed and drink it at night. The key feature of this is that it's so fizzy that it's difficult to drink a large amount, and yet it's very satisfying of the thirst. So, you don't have to drink a large volume of fluid, and so you don't go to the toilet much. I know about this because I am a diabetic and I have found it's almost possible to drink the fizzy diet lemonade in my sleep and have a relatively undisturbed night. Plus, as it's sugar free diet stuff, no danger of that glycosuric fluid problem which can get out of control if it had sugar in.

In emergency, if there's no water supply because of a water cut, there are other sources of water available, some of which are listed on the page about water cuts