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The portable urinating device for women

If you're a she and you need to pee, see how easy it can be, when you buy a shewee! Ladies, visit Shewee and enjoy the freedom men have when it comes to tiddling.


"Shewee - the award winning portable urinating device allows women to urinate whilst standing and without removing clothes. Ideal for outdoor pursuits, long car journeys and travelling abroad. Women can stand up at public toilets and avoid unhygienic seats.

It is easy to use, discreet, reusable, lightweight and it fits in a pocket. Now in five colours – Bright Pink, Blue, White, Nato Green and Desert Sand – whether you’re in the army, love music festivals, are a hiking, skiing or camping fanatic, you can be sure to find the right colour for you.

Even celebrities such as Fearne Cotton have been talking about it. She and Alesha Dixon used Shewee when they climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief. One of our customers who has recently been trekking in Nepal just had to tell us about what she thought of Shewee,

"Shewee is absolutely brilliant, the feeling of sheer freedom from not having to ‘bare all’ is fantastic! It is now a permanent feature in my backpack, I wouldn’t be without it!"

Due to amazing interest, Shewee’s range of five colours can now be purchased with a choice of pink or white Extension Pipes for ease of use when wearing layers of clothing.

The Shewee Extreme, mainly targeted at skiers and climbers, is a Shewee with an Extension Pipe that comes neatly packaged in its own case.

To complete our range, alongside the separate Shewee case and super Absorbent pouches, Shewee now produces ‘X-fronts’, pants which are not just short, sexy and pink, but have a discreet hole in the front to slip a Shewee through – what more could our female explorers ask for!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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