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5 Minute Angels

Relax with a massage from the 5 Minute Angels. If you find stress is a problem, book a massage and see how quickly it helps you to relax.

5 Minute Angels:

"5 Minute Angels is a leading provider of tailor-made office and event massage solutions in the UK.

The service provides qualified and professional mobile masseuses to offices and events to enable employees to feel re-energised and to help prevent stress related illnesses.

Office Massage Benefits:

- Increases employee engagement

- Creates a great workplace which boosts morale - Improves employee focus, productivity & company profitability - Lowers recruitment costs through better staff retention - Reduces stress related absence

Why our clients use us:

Professional & Experienced Therapists

All our therapists are fully qualified & insured whilst our rigorous recruitment and training process gives our customers confidence in knowing that they are getting the highest standard of therapist for their workplace or event.

Customer Satisfaction

Each massage comprises a series of gentle manipulations and pressure point techniques which may incorporate the head, neck, shoulders and upper back to energise, invigorate and revitalise.

National Availability

5 Minute Angels is a national organisations which means that you can benefit from the service wherever you are.

Cost Effective

Massage is a great way to boost morale, reward employee performance, and enhance the health and wellness of your business.

Our competitive pricing structure guarantees that our clients receive excellent value for money which helps to ensure a tangible return on their investment.

Hassle Free

The bookings team are friendly dedicated people whose sole aim is to ensure your bookings run smoothly. Clients can be confident that working with us is easy and stress free as we take time to understand their requirements and offer flexible solutions. Our customers can rely on us to coordinate and deliver the best possible wellness day for their team.

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that our clients will enjoy their experience that we offer a no hassle money back guarantee".

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5 Minute Angels

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