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Sports nutrition fuel and energy

A healthy mind in a healthy body, keep yours healthy with nutritional products from the Maxifuel range. They'll boost your energy and help your recovery levels.


"Developed by Maximuscle, Europe's leading sports nutrition company, Maxifuel is committed to providing proven, safe and effective products to help you beat your best during exercise - whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness junkie.

MaxifuelThe unique power of Maxifuel brings you three sports nutrition systems to help you get focused, boost energy and stimulate recovery.

Maxifuel's three sports nutrition systems have been formulated to complement each other, and morph to create the most complete elite sports nutrition system available for today's demanding amateur and elite athletes.

Maxifuel is designed to push every athlete to the max. From exercise junkies to Olympians - it gives you the power to succeed when the old you is beaten.

Take your exercise performance to the next level with the elite sports science of Maxifuel".

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