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Bragard Medical

Top quality uniforms for hospital professionals at Bragard Medical. They have been supplying uniform for over 75 years.

Bragard Medical:

"We have been changing the face of style in medical apparel for over 70 years in Europe, and have finally brought these dazzling changes to you! Fabulous, unique designs found nowhere else in the world, our line of medical apparel is sure to turn some heads!Bragard Medical

Being a Medical Professional means that you pay the utmost attention to detail, quality, patience, and you always maintain a positive attitude. Let your clothing reflect that!

Since 1933, Bragard has been proven and recognized as a leading provider of the finest service apparel in the world, including Medical Uniform, Doctors Coats, Nurse Scrubs, Lab Coats, Scrubs, and a full line of Hospital Uniforms and Clothing, as well as accessories.

Bragard has developed unparalleled standards in the art of designing and distributing medical apparel and service clothing. All of our material is hand selected and meticulously inspected for any imperfections, ensuring the highest quality".

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Bragard Medical

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