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Citadel UK

There is nothing more important than Health and Safety at work. Make sure your business is compliant with the help of Citadel UK.

Citadel UK:

"Citadel is a company formed by industry experts to help UK businesses establish comprehensive, compliant health and safety systems.

All members of the partnership are health and safety professionals with many years’ experience in the design and development of robust procedures and systems for business across all sectors.

Citadel provides a high quality Health and Safety advice service supported by a set of easy-to-use online tools designed to make Health and Safety simpler, more convenient, more productive and less expensive.

Our partnership with Croner Consulting allows us to provide expert Health and Safety advice to businesses throughout the UK.

Croner, part of Wolters Kluwer (UK) Limited, is a leading provider of legal guidance and best practice advice and support in the critical areas of; human resources; health and safety; education and healthcare; environmental management; manufacturing and construction; and international trade and transport to both public and private organisations of all sizes and structures".

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Citadel UK

http://www.citadel-uk.com/ affiliate program was with Paid On Results but sadly the affiliate program has expired and we didn't know. Shucks! That's a pity. Now if Citadel UK should happen to have a new affiliate program somewhere or other, we'd be happy to resume connecting to them. In the meantime, you are welcome to put the address in at the beginning of this paragraph, after all, you have an address bar don't you? Or, you could visit other places at this site, which include... workwear and leisure , jkl clothing , first aid warehouse , physio room first aid kits , and a fire door company