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This page is like the COELIAC (wheat-free) page.


Well it certainly surprised me when these people wrote in and said that SOY was a problem. What, SOYA MILK? I knew SOY SAUCE was a problem because it's got wheat in, but apparently there is potentially a problem with all soy products.

Special note: This doesn't affect everyone. It's like the saccharin problem or the phenylalanine problem - some people are immune to it. In fact, some people seem to have an immunity to the dreaded WHEAT too!

At www.soyonlineservice.co.nz , Valerie & Richard tell us "It is about all modern soy products. Mass fast through-put industrial processing is not removing the natural toxins. The traditional Oriental methods were to ferment soy slurry in oak barrels for at least "two summers" or boil "for two incenses".

Modern steam injection of soy meal for twenty minutes is not even close. It is a classic case of village cooking being not repeatable on an industrial scale  Go to www.soyonlineservice.co.nz "Hot Reading" and read "The Shadow of Soy" and "Tragedy and Hype" which go into this further".

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