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This page is like the COELIAC (wheat-free) page. Now I ask you to ADD YOUR KNOWLEDGE (free association). Please send contributions through e-mail. There may be many lactase deficiency syndrome / lactose intolerance / dairy product free links in the same way as there are wheat-free links. (also see SOY problems)

Here are a few links:

Lactose Intolerance at NIDDK
(was http://www.niddk.nih.gov/health/digest/pubs/lactose/lactose.htm)


Dairy Free - was www.dairy-free.org.uk

Wegmans: Lactose Intolerant - was http://www.wegmans.com/kitchen/diet/lactose/index.asp

Home in on Health special dietary TEST

Lactose Intolerance at Healthwell - (was http://www.healthwell.com/healthnotes/Concern/Lactose_Intolerance.cfm)

www.lactose.net - seems to be lost to cybersquatters

Milk Allergy Resources at The Kitchen Link (was http://www.kitchenlink.com/cgi/public_frames?page=milkallergy)

Also note that HEDGEHOGS are lactose-intolerant, so don't give them MILK! I tried feeding the hedgehogs catfood instead, but that attracted CATS!

Other allergies to be catered for at this site: Suggestions?



Other possibilities if you are interested:

EGGS , NUTS , Phenylalanine , E101 Tartarazine , any other suggestions?

(Already got WHEAT ... and now also SOY)

Nut Allergy contacts include: It's Nut Free.com and Nut Allergy.net (was www.nutallergy.net)