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Dynaspine International

Dynaspine International

Dynamic Support for Your Back

Back trouble need not be a worry, with help from Dynaspine International. Their back supports conform to the shape of your back and encourage correct posture.

Dynaspine International:

"Dynaspine is a revolution in back supports.

It has 2 back support plates that move with your body as you sit in different positions, to give you consistent support.

Dynaspine also conforms to the shape of your back and encourages correct posture to help alleviate the pressures placed on the spinal joints and discs. Dynaspine helps office workers, car drivers, pregnant women or when relaxing at home!

Dynaspine has been approved by UK Leading Physiotherapist, Martin Haines DipRGRT, MCSP, SRP.

Over recent months, Dynaspine has received a great amount of publicity and has featured in the Daily Mail, OK! Magazine, BBC News, Woman's Weekly, Woman and Home and many more!"

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Dynaspine International

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