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Here's what they say at LiceGuard about their systems to counter the dreaded louse and to exterminate it: "LiceGuard is the only complete, non-toxic and pesticide free lice treatment to Detect, Kill, Remove and Prevent lice. Our brand is clearly differentiated from other "lice killers" that use poisons such as Permethrin".


"LiceGuard is a line non-toxic and pesticide free head lice products.

LiceGuard brands have risen to be one of the top selling lice elimination products in the United States.

Over the past 10 years we have sold over 10 Million of our products worldwide!

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LiceGuard Products

The LiceGuard Lice Treatment System is the ONLY complete system that...

1. Detects & Destroys Lice
2. Removes Lice & Lice Eggs, and
3. Prevents Lice

Detect and Destroy Lice

The most popular worldwide product in the LiceGuard line is the Robi Comb®, a chemical-free electronic device which both Detects and Destroys head lice while combing. This patented lice solution not only has the competitive advantage of being non-toxic and pesticide free (unlike other lice killing shampoo options), it is also odor free, reusable and operated by a single AA battery. It is also the only solution that also is used for detection of lice!

Remove Lice & Eggs

Our LiceGuard® SAFE Egg Remover Shampoo and LiceGuard® Egg & Nit Comb have been the top selling non-toxic lice treatments in the United States and are gaining a strong presence in the European and other international markets. Our shampoo is proven to TRIPLE the amount of Eggs and Nits removed through combing.

Prevent Lice

As the #1 available Lice Repellent in the world, LiceGuard® Repellent Spray has become THE BEST tool in Lice Prevention. It has also proven to be an essential tool in institutions such as schools, hospitals, elderly homes, child care centers and kindergartens worldwide.

LiceGuard products are available together as a complete "Lice Treatment System", and each product is also available on its own, as solutions to: Detect Lice, Destroy / Kill without chemicals, Remove lice and nits and Prevent Lice in the future".

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Lice Guard is a company based in the United States, but delivery is available worldwide. Note: Lice are a problem worldwide.